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Your Fish Tank Starter Kit

Posted by on Sep 10 2021

Your Fish Tank Starter Kit

When it comes to owning fish for the first time, there are a few things that are essential for setting up your fish tank. From tank types to aquarium upkeep, read on for our fish tank essentials and how to build your own fish tank starter kit.

What Do I Need in My Fish Tank Starter Kit?

If you are owning fish for the very first time, the first thing you will need is a suitable tank. Think about the size of the space you will be storing your fish tank in and also the types of fish you will be keeping. Whilst a few small fish might be happy in a small tank, if you are considering getting a variety of fish or fish that grow to a larger size, you will need to make sure that your fish tank is big enough to house them. We sell a number of fish tanks in various sizes to make buying your first fish tank simple.

Fish Tank Filters

One of the most important parts of setting up your fish tank is ensuring the water is healthy for your fish. A fish tank filter is a must in your fish tank starter kit as it will rid your fish tank water of any unhealthy waste or toxins that could build up and harm your fish. There are a few different types of aquarium filters available with many people choosing to use an internal tank filter to easily fish out any waste from your fish tank.

Fish Tank Heater

Another fish tank essential is an aquarium heater. It is extremely important to keep your fish tank at the right temperature for your fish to avoid making them extremely ill. This is particularly true for tropical fish as they will be used to living in warmer temperatures so could go into shock if they are housed in aquariums that are too cold.

Aquarium Air Pumps

In order to avoid a build up of dangerous gases in your aquarium such as carbon dioxide, an air pump should be used in your fish tank. Air pumps allow the movement of various gasses to encourage a stable PH level in your tank. They work hard to keep your fish tank water oxygenated and your fish healthy. Aside from the health benefits of air pumps and air stones, they can also help create interest in your tank for aesthetic purposes with some air stones positioned at the back of your tank able to create an effect like a wall of bubbles in your tank.

Fish Tank Substrate

If you take a look at most fish tanks you will see a layer of substrate or pebbles at the bottom of the tank. Aside from creating fun effects and being used for design purposes within your tank, substrates also serve a practical purpose. Fish tank substrates allow good bacteria to grow on top of them to promote health in your fish tank. They can also help provide cover for live aquarium plants that may need covered roots as well as providing a base for some fish types such as Kuhli Loaches to burrow in.

Fish Tank Lighting

In order to see your new pets, your new fish tank will need lighting. Aquarium lighting is an important fish tank essential as the lights have a number of benefits to keep your fish healthy. If you are planning on utilising live plants in your aquarium, fish tank lights can also help with growth and help them combat fish tank nitrates that can be harmful to fish. However, it is important that you do not leave your fish tank lights on all of the time as it can cause stress to fish if they do not have a period of darkness in which to sleep. It can also cause algae build up if your light is on all of the time.

Fish Tank Cleaning Tools

When setting up your fish tank using your fish tank essentials, it is important not to leave aquarium cleaning products off the list. Making sure your fish tank is in the best possible condition is imperative for keeping your fish healthy and keeping your fish tank looking good. For day-to-day upkeep, a magnetic tank glass cleaner is ideal whilst an algae scraper can help give your fish tank glass a proper clean. Gravel cleaners can also help rid your fish tank of algae with ease. An aquarium net is also a useful tool for rooting out debris from your tank or transferring your fish during a big fish tank clean. Should your fish tank need treating to reach the right PH balance or rid your fish tank of any serious issues, our range of fish tank treatments and additives are here to help, simply contact our team for advice on the best treatment for your aquarium.

Fish Tank Essentials from CD Aquatics

Whether you are a first-time fish owner or an experienced aquarium owner, CD Aquatics is here to help with everything you need to keep your fish tank and fish healthy. Our aquarium experts have seen every problem when it comes to fish tanks and can advise you on how to set up your new fish tank properly.


Take a look at our aquarium supplies now or contact our team to find out more about what you need to set up your own fish tank starter kit. Alternatively, our 30-litre fish tank comes with everything you need to get started setting up your first fish tank.

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