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What Are Marine Protein Skimmers?

Posted by on Aug 17 2021

If you own a saltwater aquarium, the chances are you have come across the term protein skimmer or marine skimmer. These can be incredibly useful tools to help your saltwater tank remain healthy and clean but what exactly are marine protein skimmers? We talk through that and more in our handy guide to marine skimmers.

What is a Marine Protein Skimmer?

A protein skimmer is a tool used typically in saltwater aquariums to remove organic materials from the water before they break down and form nitrogenous waste. Marine tank skimmers help to create a safe environment in your fish tank for your fish and corals by breaking down any harmful materials that may be produced in the tank. They are a simple divide that fits to your tank to filter out waste and protect your marine fish and coral ecosystem.

What Does a Marine Protein Skimmer Do?

Simply put, a marine aquarium skimmer skims the waste out of a saltwater tank to keep it healthy. Innovative marine skimmers work by mixing large volumes of small air particles into columns of water which attract proteins and organic waste which forms on the bubble’s surface and gets pushed up to the top of the column as foam, ready to be trapped in the collection cup and discarded. They are particularly useful in marine or saltwater tanks as these types of water allow the air bubbles to form more easily than other types of fish tank.

Why Do I Need a Marine Protein Skimmer?

When organic matter breaks down in your aquarium, it can form nitrogenous waste. This can be incredibly harmful to your fish if allowed to build up which is why it is important to remove it as quickly as possible without upsetting the delicate balance of your fish tank. Nitrate levels are integral to the health of marine tanks, particularly where coral reefs are housed as high levels of nitrate can be particularly harmful to this type of aquarium life. Protein skimmers for marine aquariums work to help regulate the levels of nitrates in your fish tank by removing the organic matter that can cause a buildup. Any tank that houses corals or other delicate species should use some sort of system to control waste and a marine aquarium skimmer is a simple solution to this.

Where Can I Find a Marine Protein Skimmer?

Here at CD Aquatics, we supply a wide range of specialist tools to help you care for your aquarium. We stock two main types of marine protein skimmers depending on the size of your saltwater aquarium. The TMC V2 Skim 120 Nano Skimmer is ideal for tanks up to 120 litres whilst the Aqua One Miniskim 80 Nano Skimmer fits a wide variety of small fish tanks and is perfect for the AquaNano 30 and 40 aquariums.


Take a look at our selection of marine protein skimmers here to find out more about how they can work with your saltwater aquarium or contact our team to answer any questions you may have.

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