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Tropical fish Posts

Tropical Aquarium Supplies for Every Tank

Posted by on Jan 17 2022

CD Aquatics have been specialists in aquarium supplies for years, providing the very best quality fish tank products and advice for new ...

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What Are the Most Popular Tropical Fish Species?

Posted by on Jul 14 2021

When it comes to owning tropical fish, there are some fish breeds that are popular among first time fish keepers and fish-keeping pros a...

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Identify, Prevent & Treat Freshwater Aquarium Diseases

Posted by on Aug 27 2019

Much like fish in the wild or any other household pets, tropical freshwater fish kept at home are susceptible to diseases. Of course, there are steps to take to minimise the risk of illness, and ...

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Posted by on Sep 21 2018

If you are setting up a home aquarium for the first time or if you are unfamiliar with the choice of technicolour, exotic freshwater fish; your go-to selection for your new freshwater aquarium might include common fish such as Goldfish, Platies, or Black Skirt Tetras. The fish that you select for your

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How To Set Up An Aquarium For Your Tropical Fish

Posted by on Jan 26 2018

"The Tropical Fish Aquarium needs to be positioned away from direct sunlight, drafts and heaters." Here is but one thing you need to bear...

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5 Key Things to Consider When Choosing Your Aquarium Fish

Posted by on Jan 10 2018

  If you want to know how to choose what fish to have in your pond, aquarium or fish bowl, then we are here to help! There are some things that you definitely need to keep in mind when choosing the right fish for you, because otherwise it could cause all kinds of problems. Instead, have a read of our quick guide t...

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Cleaning a Freshwater Aquarium | Dec 2017

Posted by on Dec 06 2017

Cleaning your freshwater aquarium might sound like a simple and easy enough task, but there are a number of hints and tips to ensure the process goes swimmingly, especially if you are a first-timer. Even if you have been cleaning fish tanks for some time, but have recently noticed something fishy about how quickly your...

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