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Reptile Supplies for Turtles and More

Posted by on Apr 13 2022

At CD Aquatics we don’t just supply high-quality aquatics equipment. We also supply everything you need to help care for your turtle, bearded dragon, snake and more with a range of reptile supplies to help you care for your reptile and keep them happy and healthy.


Quality Reptile Supplies

Whether you are looking for a turtle tank setup, a basking lamp for your bearded dragon or snake tank decorations to help your friend feel at home, we have the high-quality supplies to help. Our specialist knowledge can help you choose the reptile equipment that is right for your pet with reptile food and more to keep your turtle or other reptile healthy.


Reptile Heating Equipment

We know that keeping your reptile at the right temperature is important. That’s why we provide a wide range of reptile heating equipment including tortoise heat lamps and basking lamps for bearded dragons and snakes. Your reptile will be used to specific temperatures so it is important you invest in the equipment to keep your reptile tank at the right temperature for your pet. Our reptile heat lamp range includes Exo Terra Turtle Heaters and Reptile One Solarflare Fan Heaters at 20 Watts. We also provide ceramic heat emitters such as the Reptile One Ceramic Heater Lamp to ensure your reptile tank is kept at the correct temperature.


To help you keep your reptile tank at the right temperature, don’t forget to add a reptile thermostat such as our Reptile One Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer. This will help you regulate the temperature of your reptile’s home as well as measure the amount of water vapour in the air or soil of your tank.


Reptile Food

Whether you are looking for a cricket keeper to house your reptile food or a reptile feeding dish to serve up your reptile’s meals, we have the supplies you need. Our turtle food and terrapin complete food provides everything your turtles and terrapins need to stay happy and healthy whilst we have a range of reptile food dishes from corner dishes to round dishes to help your feed your reptile friend. Our KomodoKricket Keepers also provide a large space to store crickets to feed your komodo dragon.


Reptile Lighting Equipment

 When caring for your reptile, lighting your reptile tank can be almost as important as heating it, with many lighting sources also providing heat for your reptile. We supply daylight lamps for your tank as well as night glow lamps for your reptile tank as well as infrared heat maps to help heat your reptile tank.


Reptile Accessories to Decorate your Tank

A plain tank isn’t good for you or your pet. If you are looking for reptile tank accessories to help your tank feel like home, we have a wide range of decorations from tank sand to cactus plants and other reptile tank decorations.  We also provide cleaning tools for your tank such as our turtle and terrapin water freshener, aquarium scraper and more.


See Our Full Reptile Supplies Range

To see more from our reptile care range, take a look at our dedicated reptile supplies page now. If you have any questions about our products, contact our team online or by calling 01922 416284 to find out more.

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