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Reptile Supplies

Reptile Supplies

Turtles are a popular choice of pet and easy to keep with the right equipment, and of course, they are fun to watch. At CD Aquatics, our range of reptile supplies will keep your cold-blooded friend happy in their reptile terrarium. From reptile foods to products that support reptile health care, our stock includes turtle products to help you to provide the best care for your turtle, terrapin or other small reptiles. Whether you're looking for Reptile lighting or perhaps some fun reptile decorations, you’re bound to find what you need in our range of reptile accessories.

In order to regulate their metabolism and warm up, our turtle friends need to bask to stay healthy and happy. When it comes to reptile heating, we stock turtle heating lamps that provide the perfect environment to maintain the health of your turtle or terrapin. Fitting your turtle tank with good reptile heating equipment will allow your turtle to dry out completely when out of the water. This is essential for avoiding the build-up of algae and fungus on the shell which can lead to shell rot if left untreated. A good quality terrarium light will also help to mimic the turtle’s natural environment.

Maintaining good water quality is essential in a turtle aquarium, and our turtle tank filters do just that. We supply turtle filters as well as filter media and water fresheners to keep the turtle environment as healthy as possible so you can enjoy seeing your turtle friend thrive.

Reptile Housing

Your choice of turtle terrarium is crucial as it is a long-term home for your turtle. CD Aquatics has a turtle terrarium starter kit, including everything you need to get started.


Reptile Lighting

Turtle lights are pivotal for maintaining appropriate terrarium conditions for your turtle. Some types of reptile lighting provides heat, some a spotlight, and others a moon effect.


Reptile Food

If your turtle is not fed the appropriate food they could end up sick, which is why CD Aquatics stocks a variety of turtle foods and diets for your turtle to enjoy.


Reptile Heating

turtle usually have to live within specific temperature conditions. To achieve and maintain this temperature you should invest in adequate turtle heating and a thermometer.


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