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Reptile Supplies

Reptile Supplies

Often, people who would like a pet reptile are deterred by the common misconception that reptiles are extremely difficult to look after.

Even though reptiles need more attention than most fish, for example, taking care of a reptile can be easy if you are well-prepared, fully equipped with reptile supplies and if you organise your reptile tank well in advance.

From reptile aquariums, snake cages, reptile terrarium decor, reptile lamps, heaters, incubators and beyond, CD Aquatics repitle accessories and supplies cover everything you need to get started and looking after your new pet in no time.

Reptile Housing

Your choice of reptile terrarium is crucial as it is a long-term home for your reptile. CD Aquatics has a reptile terrarium starter kit, including everything you need to get started.


Reptile Lighting

Reptile lights are pivotal for maintaining appropriate terrarium conditions for your reptile. Some reptile lighting provides heat, some a spotlight, and others a tropical effect.


Reptile Food

If your pet isnít fed the appropriate reptile food they could end up sick, which is why CD Aquatic stocks a range of reptile foods suitable for many different reptile species.


Reptile Heating

Reptiles usually have to live within specific temperature conditions. To achieve and maintain this temperature you should invest in adequate reptile heating and a thermometer.


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