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Reptile Supplies for Turtles and More

Posted by on Apr 13 2022

At CD Aquatics we don’t just supply high-...

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Caring for a Turtle - What you Need to Know

Posted by on Mar 04 2021

If you are considering adding a turtle to your family, the good news is that they are a fantastic pet for all abilities with the right c...

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Everything You Need to Care for Your Reptile

Posted by on Aug 31 2020

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Four Species that make Excellent Pet Turtles

Posted by on Jun 20 2019

There are HUNDREDS of turtle species, some of which can flourish and enjoy a home environment when being kept as a pet turtle, and some require the elements of their natural habitat. 

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Create a Happy Turtle Habitat for Your Aquatic Turtle

Posted by on Feb 23 2018

There are a few variables when it comes to turtle habitats and setting up a glass aquarium due to the sheer amount of turtle species. But regardless if you have a mud turtle, painted turtle, red-ear slider or a Florida Cooter, there are a few constants for ensuring the wealth and health of your aquatic turtle, the most important ...

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