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PVC Pipe Sizes for Aquatics - How They Work

Posted by on May 30 2023

When it comes to finding the correct pipe types for your aquarium, swimming pool or aquatic display, sizing is everything. However, sometimes it can seem confusing even to the trained eye what size pipes fit which. That’s why we’ve pulled together our guide to pipe sizes for aquariums and aquatic uses focusing on imperial pipes vs metric pipes for ease.


Metric Pipes Vs Imperial Pipe Sizes

In the UK, there are two main types of aquatic pipe sizes. These are metric and imperial. In terms of joining methods, sturdiness, and chemical resistance, metric pipes and imperial pipe systems work the same. As they are both made from PVC, there are no differences at all in functionality and performance with the differences lying in the sizing and manufacturing of the pipe types.


Metric pipes are sometimes referred to as mm or millimetre pipes. Metric pipes and metric pipe fittings are available in a number of different forms to fit your aquatic needs and are commonly used in irrigation as well as for aquatic purposes. Imperial pipes and fittings are also commonly known as inch pipes with many older PVC pressure pipes in the UK using this system. Inch pipes and fittings are commonly used for projects such as swimming pools aquaculture and more and are a common choice for amateur aquatics due to their ease and variety of fittings.


Whilst it is possible to connect imperia pipes to metric pipe fittings using adaptor fittings, it is not common practice.


How Do I Know What Size Pipe I Need?

The best way to know what size pipe or pipe fitting you need is to take a look at the pipe or fitting you want to join it to. By looking at the existing fitting, you’ll be able to determine the outside dimension of the pipe. This is also the inside dimension of the fitting required to fit that pipe. However, hose pipes and fittings are the opposite of this as hose fittings will go inside the hose. If you are struggling to determine the size pipe or fitting you need, talk to your local aquatics expert and take the pip with you, they will then be able to advise you on what size pipe or pipe fitting you need.


Whilst we list the official pipe sizes on our website, we have also put together a handy pipe size guide to help you find the right sized pipe for your aquatics needs.Take a look at our size classification guide for pipes and fittings to view the comparison between metric pipes and imperial pipes and fittings. We also have a useful size conversion guide to help you bring your aquatic project to life.


Talk to the Experts in Aquatic Pipes and Fittings

Our team are experts in all things aquatics and can help to advise you on the correct types of pipes and fittings needed for your project. We stock a large range of PVC pipes and fittings from PVC sockets to plastic pipe fittings such as PVC connectors and more as part of our range. Our aquatics specialists are always on hand to help, whatever project type you have in mind. Contact our team now to find out more about our PVC pipes and fittings and other aquatics services.

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