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Pond Supplies

Pond Supplies

CD Aquatics is home to an unparalleled selection of pond supplies, but that's not to underestimate our quality over quantity approach. The pond accessories on our website are wide-ranging, offering vital pond construction and maintenance supplies such as koi pond equipment, pond pumps and pond liners. Our extensive selection of fish pond accessories is there to help you achieve a healthy and safe environment for your fish to thrive, whether that is a regular fish pond, a koi pond, a wildlife pond or anything in-between.

For years we have prided ourselves on our offerings of superior pond supplies that can be used by industry specialists with expert knowledge of koi ponds, or a layman who is constructing their very first garden pond. Whether you are looking for pipes, fittings and valves for plumbing in your pond or niche items of pond equipment such as a pond vacuum, pond filter or a range of pond foods, we stock it all, and at a knockout price, too!

We take the quality of our fish pond supplies very seriously, which is why we offer our products from leading brands such as Hozelock, Nt labs and Hikari, to name a few, but whichever product you choose, we're confident you will be happy with your garden pond accessories.

Pond Liners

Pond liners are a popular choice for the construction of a garden pond. CD Aquatics stock pre packed pond liners in 0.75mm rubber and 0.5mm in PVC.


Pond Pumps

Pond pumps are needed to supply water to your filter system which will provide a healthy and clean environment for your fish. Can also be used to create waterfalls and streams.


Pond Filters

Pond filters are one of the most important components for a healthy pond environment. Pond filters keep your pond safe from harmful toxins and keep the water clean.


Pond UV Clarifiers

Pond UV Clarifiers come either factory fitted to the filter or a stand alone unit that can be added separately. They help to eliminate green water and help to keep blanket weed away.


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