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Pond Filters And Spares

Pond Filters And Spares
Pond pumps and filters are arguably one of the most important things for maintaining your pond. Here at CD Aquatics, we have the right pond filters and spares for your every need. We have pond filters for different sized ponds and have the best brands for you, such as Blagdon and Arcadia.
Our pond supplies range includes pressure filters, box filters and all-in-one filters. Choosing the right pond filter for you will depend on pond size, the number and the type of fish that you stock.
Pond filters keep your pond water clean and free from harmful toxins that would otherwise build up and potentially have a devastating effect on your fish. To ensure water clarity, you will need a UV pond filter, which is an effective, chemical-free way to control green water in garden ponds. Most filters are combined with UV clarifiers, but for those who are using larger, multi bay filters for larger ponds, we have separate UV units to run in conjunction with this type of pond filter.
We stock various spares for both pond filters and UV clarifiers.
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