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Preparing your Pond for Winter

Posted by on Dec 11 2020

If you have left preparing your pond for winter until the last minute the good news is that it is not too late to protect your pond this...

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Posted by on Mar 18 2019

From introducing a fresh and dynamic design element to your garden to creating a calming oasis to escape to, there are endless reasons why people chose to build a garden pond. For a rookie designing and building their first garden pond, the whole process can be disconcerting and maybe, slightly intimidating. So, as to ...

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Posted by on Feb 13 2019

How Deep Should a Koi Pond Be? The first and most important thing to remember in your Koi pond construction is that this is a home for living fish, fish that need ample space to comfortably and freely swim. Koi typically grow up to 24 inches in length and you wi...

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All You Need to Know about Choosing Water Plants for Ponds

Posted by on Nov 30 2018

Choosing pond plants, how hard can it be! …Right? It turns out there is more to know about pond plants than you would expect if you want to choose aquatic plants that flourish in your pond, as well as complimenting and encouraging a healthy pond eco-system...

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Posted by on Nov 28 2018

The time is almost nigh, malls and high streets are illuminated with Christmas lights, enthusiastic shoppers are out in full force and children’s Christmas wish lists are getting longer and longer. More importantly to for pond owners note, you have probably had to spend one or two mornings scr...

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Maintain your Fish Pond Without Draining

Posted by on Oct 29 2018

A pond is such a statement feature in a garden that you will want to do everything in your power to maintain its glory and keep it looking gleaming.

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Maintaining Your Garden Pond in the Summer Heat

Posted by on Jul 03 2018

So, summer heat. It has been the chosen topic of conversation for a few weeks now because ENGLAND IS HOT! For more than just a day, too, what did we do to deserve this? But as much as we may (or may not) be enjoying this glorious summer sunshine, it is not to say our fish feel the same, especially with the very high te...

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What is Blanket Weed: Your Questions Answered

Posted by on Apr 17 2018

What is blanket weed and why does it grow? Also known as pondweed or ‘water silk’, Blanket weed is filamentous type of pond algae that forms a hairy green blanket across your garden pond, turning the water green along with it. Ponds that are situated in an area that get a lot of sun are likely ...

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Heres Why Having a Garden Pond is Always a Fintastic Idea...

Posted by on Mar 13 2018

Ponds are an endearing characteristic in any landscape. The water-holes provide a safe haven for wildlife, are charmingly ladened with psychedelic pond plants, reeds or bordering flowers and create a soothing aura for all to enjoy. Building a pond might initially seem to be a lot of effort, but it is worth e...

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