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Pipes Fittings And Valves

Pipes Fittings And Valves
Every pond needs to be maintained correctly in order to protect the lives of the pond fish and pond plants. Conserving the ecosystems within, and helping to balance the water to the right level, is crucial for their health. At CD Aquatics, we provide all the pond pipe fittings and valves needed for the functioning of the pond.
So, no matter the pond size, or the needs of it, we have the right fittings and fixtures for every pond maintenance task. 
The product range varies from Imperial Pressure Pipe Systems, Metric Pressure Pipe Systems, Waste Pipe Systems both Solvent Weld and Pushfit, Systems, Ball, Slide Gate Valves, Flexi Rubber Easy Connectors to a wide range of hose tails and accompanying fittings, Clips and Hose.
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