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Patio Water Features: How to Make a DIY Patio Pond

Posted by on Mar 31 2023

Now that spring has arrived, your thoughts might be turning towards ways to freshen up your garden or outdoor space. A patio pond is a relatively easy way to create a garden water feature, especially if you’re short on outdoor space. This DIY water feature will look great on a patio or decking and is the perfect solution if your garden cannot contain an in-ground garden pond. If you want to know how to make a water feature for your patio or garden, here are some helpful tips.


What is a Patio Pond?


In simple terms, a patio pond is a pond in a container. Sometimes called a container water garden, a patio pond can offer some of the features you would expect in a standard garden pond like aquatic plants, some forms of wildlife if you choose and the soothing tranquillity you can get from hearing the sounds of moving water. 


How to Make a DIY Patio Pond

To make your own patio water feature, you’ll some supplies, some of which you may already have which makes this a great DIY project that won't break the bank. 

You’ll need:

  • A patio pond container - Start with a water-tight container that holds a least 30 litres of water

  • A substrate for the plants - Sand will give your plants somewhere to bury their roots. Bricks and rocks will provide a platform for plants that need to be above the surface
  • Pond plant baskets - these will help to keep the plants in a stable position
  • Plants for your mini pond - Choose a variety of underwater oxygenating plants and floating surface plants to create interest. Check out some recommendations for patio pond plants.
  • Small pond pump for aeration


If you plan to keep a few small fish in your patio pond, you’ll need to invest in a thermometer to monitor water temperature as well as a filter and a water testing kit.


Building Your Patio Water Feature


1. Place your patio pond container in an area of the garden or patio that will receive some sunlight, but not too much. Direct sunlight could cause the water to evaporate too quickly. Choose a spot where your mini pond will be able to have access to an electrical outlet to power the pond pump.


2. Add the substrate to the bottom of the patio pond container. Make sure you have at least an inch of the substrate at the bottom. Sand is ideal for plants like water lilies that like to bury their roots. Add larger rocks to create levels for bog plants like water iris that like to be above the surface.


3. Position your pond planters in the mini pond. Now is a good time to consider where your plants will go. Try to create levels by having taller, grass-like plants at the back, and shorter plants at the front so they can be seen. Don’t forget to add flowering plants for colour and additional interest.


4. Start to add the potted plants before adding your water. Waterlilies like to be at the bottom of your pond while shelf plants will need to be positioned on the rocks. Floating plants will be added after you’ve added water to your mini pond.


5. Fix your small pond pump at the bottom of your mini pond. Be sure to position the pump’s hose so it can move the water at the surface to create the soothing sound of running water.


6. Add water to your patio pond container. Now it's time to add your floating plants like water hyacinth. It’s important to add oxygenating plants to prevent algae from taking over your patio pond. 


7. If you plan to add any life to your patio pond, you will need to treat the water to make it suitable for small fish. Ask our experts about which type of pond additive will be best for your mini pond setup. Make sure you equip your patio pond with a thermometer to monitor the temperature. You may also need to add a small filter to clean the waste created by the fish. 


8. Once all the water and plants have been added, you can add lights to your patio pond to make it a more interesting water feature at night. Now you can sit back and enjoy your new garden water feature.

Mini Pond Accessories from CD Aquatics

If you want to build a DIY patio pond you can find mini pond accessories at CD Aquatics. You’ll find pond planters, substrates and mini pond pumps to help you get set up a stunning patio pond that will elevate your decking, patio or balcony. Contact us to learn more about our accessories for a small pond setup.

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