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Our Favourite Ways to Update Your Fish Tank

Posted by on Aug 13 2020

Your fish tank is the star of your room, but it can far too easily become an afterthought in your room’s decor. With a whole world of fish tank decorations to choose from, keep your fish tank up to date with some of our favourite ways to update your fish tank or aquarium.

Add Some Coloured Coral

With a kaleidoscope of colours to choose from, why not create a centrepiece in your fish tank with the addition of some colourful coral to your aquarium? Go bold with pink rose coral and purple trumpet head coral or opt for a more understated aquarium look with a combination of sun coral and Acropora coral to adorn your tank. With a wide range of shapes, sizes, colours and options to choose from, your underwater wonderland will be bursting with colour in no time at all.


Swap Out your Fish Tank Background

One area of the fish tank that often gets overlooked is the fish tank background, Set the scene in your tank with a brand new background to mimic the colourful sea floor of your aesthetic of choice. Choose from a serene marine reef, calming driftwood, tree roots and more to create the effect you want from your fish tank.


Show your Personality with Unique Ornaments

Whether you are looking for a spooky skull to match your room’s Halloween decorations or a serene air action clam to mimic the movement of a seabed, we have a wide range of fish tank ornaments to choose from to put your mark on your fish tank and inject a bit of fun into your aquarium. You could even use your fish tank decor to add a hint of travel to your tank with our Easter Island heads and Aztec vases, the choice is all yours!


Travel Under the Sea with Some Plant Life

From autumnal ferns to wintery flowers, update your fish tank with the seasons by swapping up some of your old plant life. For year-round colour, our Biorb colour balls are the perfect fit whilst our topiary green moss balls and grass rings will add the perfect blend of natural greens to your fish tank. For an added touch of luxe to your aquarium plants, take a look at our silk plant selection and sea fans.


Add Some Rockery

Find your Zen with a combination of Feng Shui pebbles paired with the calming arrangements of Samuel Baker white and black pebbles. For a more rustic rock look for your fish tank, choose from our hanging rock formation, Betta Gray Rock Formation or a selection of our light grey pebble stacks for a relaxing natural look.


Create Interest with a Wreck

Whether you are hinting at air adventures with plane and helicopter wrecks, sharing your love of minis with a mini car wreck or dreaming of ancient tales of the deep with a traditional shipwreck, your fish tank will be draped in atmosphere and mystery with the addition of one of our fantastic fish tank wreck ornaments. For extra effect, why not add an air-operated treasure chest to create an added interest point and movement in your aquarium.


Looking for a way to update your fish tank? Take a look at our fantastic selection of fish tank ornaments, backgrounds and decorations here. Setting up your fish tank for the first time? Take a look at our guide to setting up a new fish tank here. Why not get in touch with our team to find out more about our aquatics supplies.

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