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Koi Pond Maintenance: Everything you Need to Know

Posted by on Mar 28 2023

Do you love the look of a Koi pond in your garden but are unsure of the best way to care for it? Whether you are building a garden koi pond for the first time or have had a Koi pond in your garden for years and want to know the most important Koi maintenance tips, we’re here to help with our complete guide.

What Should I Know About Caring for a Koi Pond?

If you are new to owning Koi, you may be wondering, is a Koi pond hard to maintain? The good news is that garden Koi ponds are generally relatively simple to maintain as long as you have a good setup and process. Some important things to bear in mind are things such as Koi pond population, pond setup and how you will maintain your Koi pond.

Proper Koi Pond Setup

If you are setting up your fish pond for the first time, CD Aquatics can help with all of your pipes, fittings and fixtures. We can supply everything from bottom drain waste disposers to pipes of all sizes. We can advise on the best koi pond filtration system setups for your garden pond as well as the best fittings for your existing equipment.


When setting up your koi pond, the usual pond depth is around 3 feet to allow for room for your koi to swim. When thinking of stocking your koi pond, a good guideline is around ten gallons of water for one inch of fish with a minimum volume of 1000 gallons. Overpopulating your koi pond can be bad for your fish so be sure to monitor fish population compared to pond size.


Take the time to invest in a quality pump to properly circulate the water in your pond and prevent it from becoming stagnant. Additionally, install the correct filtration system with the correct power for your pond size to keep your koi pond water as clean as possible.

Koi Pond Cleaning

When it comes to keeping your koi pond clean, you may be wondering how often you should clean your koi pond. The best answer to that is around once a year for a full clean with intermittent smaller cleans to clear debris. This is because fish create more waste and take more care than a typical non-fish pond so require more regular cleaning.


Pond skimmers are designed to keep the surface of your pond clear of dust and leaves and can be used combined with manual cleans to keep your pond water clear. Pond bottom drains can also be a useful tool to prevent waste from building up on the bottom of your pond.

General Koi Pond Upkeep

In general, there are a few things you can do to help maintain your koi pond. This includes the way you care for your koi. Keep a close eye on the amount you are feeding your koi to ensure you are not overfeeding them. It should only take five minutes or so for your koi to consume all of the food they are fed, if there is food after this, you may be feeding your fish too much.


Overfeeding fish can cause a build up of food waste which can clog up your pond water and alter the water levels leading to much more serious problems. If you do find that you have excess food remaining after a feed, remove this from the pond and remember to clear any excess food or debris from the skimmer basket.


Another top tip for caring for a koi pond is to monitor the water levels, to ensure they are at the right level. If necessary, top upyour pond with dechlorinated water to keep your fish happy and healthy. In the winter, temperatures can often fall along with the leaves and debris that often clogs up garden ponds. Covering your pond in the winter can help to protect your pond and koi from the winter elements ready to be uncovered again in the spring.

Find Out More From the Experts

To find out more about how we can help create your perfect pond setup, contact our team now. Alternatively, take a look at our collection of pond supplies from pipes to pond skimmers, liners and treatments.

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