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How To Keep An Aquarium Cool In Hot Weather

Posted by on Jul 20 2022

During the summer months, staying cool is our main objective and it is equally important to help our fish tank dwellers survive the rise in ambient temperature. Hot weather can mean bad news for aquarium fish but with the proper care and equipment, your pet fish will continue to thrive during hotter months. When it comes to cooling fish tanks in summer we believe prevention is better than cure so we've listed some practical tips for keeping aquariums cool in hot weather.

Our Favourite Ways To Keep a Fish Tank Cool During Summer.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Placing your aquarium away from direct sunlight may have been the first piece of advice you received about fish tank placement. During the summer this is even more important as the sun is higher in the sky and the rays travel. Pay attention to areas in the home that experience direct sunlight as these areas are not always on window sills. A few hours in strong sunlight is all it takes to negatively alter the temperature of your aquarium tank. Fluctuations in water temperatures can suppress your fish’s immune system making them susceptible to parasites and diseases.

Check The Temperature

With An Aquarium Thermometer Knowing how to keep an aquarium cool in hot weather starts with getting familiar with aquarium temperatures. The temperature of your fish tank will depend on the fish that live there. It’s crucial to know the ideal temperature range for your fish and this can vary. Different fish have different needs, for example, Goldfish thrive in temperatures from 10 to 21ºC while tropical fish like Guppies can tolerate temperatures of 22 to 28ºC, so it is imperative to have an aquarium thermometer to maintain your fish tank water temperature. Make sure your aquarium remains within the recommended temperature ranges by placing the aquarium thermometer in an area of the tank that makes it easy to monitor during the summer months.

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Avoid Overcrowding Your Fish Tank

As tempting as it is to increase your fish family with new additions, your fish may not be able to handle overstocking as well during summer. If the water temperature increases slightly, it holds less oxygen meaning it could become quite suffocating if the fish tank is overcrowded. Be extremely careful when placing new fish into your aquarium in summer, especially if they are smaller fish and keep an eye on the fish tank temperature and water quality if you do add new fish to your aquarium tank.

Invest In An Aquarium Cooling Fan

Aquarium cooling fans are very useful when it comes to keeping fish tanks cool in hot weather. An overheated aquarium spells bad news for aquarium fish. When fish overheat, their metabolisms increase causing them to be more active and require more oxygen. The problem here is that warmer water carries less oxygen which over time can cause fish to suffocate in extreme cases. A cooling fan can help to control the temperature inside the tank.

You can also try these steps to keep your fish tank cool:

  • Turn off the aquarium lights where possible. Sometimes aquarium lighting can get quite warm.
  • Use a household fan to safely cool the ambient temperature outside the tank. If you have air conditioning, place the fish tank in a cool room.
  • Remove the lid or hood of the aquarium to allow some evaporation to occur. Be very careful as some fish can jump out of the tank. If you own a cat make sure they don’t have access to the tank!

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Here are some additional steps you can take to help your fish stay healthy in hot weather.

Use Aquarium Water Testing Kits

An aquarium test kit will help you to keep an eye on the levels of ammonia and nitrate in the fish tank water. Increased water temperatures in the tank can cause fish to become more active making them eat more and produce more waste. The colonies of friendly bacteria that consume the waste produced by fish need oxygen to break down ammonia. Warm water holds less oxygen than cooler water, and less oxygen means the bacteria do a poor job of cleaning up the ammonia. Using an aquarium water testing kit will help you to keep the ammonia and nitrate levels safe in your aquarium tank.

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Buy An Airstone

Investing in an Airstone is a great way to keep your fish tank rich with oxygen. Sometimes called a fish tank bubbler, an airstone improves the circulation of the water by distributing oxygen bubbles throughout the tank. Keeping the water moving with an airstone is the best way to transport unwanted gases to the surface and into the atmosphere while simultaneously increasing the amount of oxygen in your aquarium.

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Check Your Fish Tank Filter Good aquarium filtration is also important to support the overall health of your pet fish. Make sure your aquarium filter is working efficiently since it has the job of removing the build-up of nitrates and ammonia in the aquarium as well as removing debris, old food and other contaminants from the water. During times of increased activity, your fish tank filter may need to work a little harder to keep the aquarium tank clean. Maintain your filter media by cleaning often and replacing it when needed.

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Quality Aquarium Accessories and More

At CD Aquatics we have everything you’ll need to keep fish tanks cool during summer and keep your aquarium fish happy and healthy all year round! Check out our entire range of aquarium products or contact us for more information about our stock.

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