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How to Get Rid of Fish Tank Algae

Posted by on Sep 22 2020

Fish tank algae has always been a problem for first-time aquarium owners and experienced fish tank owner alike. Green algae on aquarium glass and algae on rocks in your fish tank are not a good look and can be difficult to get rid of. That’s why we’ve put together our expert guide on how to get rid of fish tank algae to ensure your fish tank is in top condition to house your fish for years to come.


Get Rid of Fish Tank Algae that Already Exists

The first step in how to get rid of fish tank algae involves getting rid of the fish tank algae that already exists in your aquarium. House your fish in a temporary home whilst you get to work cleaning your fish tank from top to bottom. Pay special attention to removing algae on any rocks or ornaments that may be in your tank and make use of fish tank glass cleaner in order to remove algae from your aquarium. An algae scraper will come in handy for removing any algae that may be on your aquarium glass.


Change Your Fish Tank Water to Remove Build Up

Changing your fish tank water is one of the most important ways to get rid of fish tank algae as regular changes can dilute and get rid of any algae nutrients that may build up in your aquarium. Changing your water frequently is extremely important if you want to prevent fish tank algae from building up.


How to Get Rid of Algae in Fish Tanks Naturally

When it comes to getting rid of algae in fish tanks naturally, the type of fish you fill your tank with can be a game-changer. Algae eating fish can help remove fish tank algae naturally in a way that involves avoiding using too many fish tank algae treatments. Some types of tank feeder fish are the best algae eaters you will find to naturally treat your fish tank algae so it is worth populating your tank with these to avoid algae issues in the future.


What Type of Fish Are the Best Algae Eaters?

When it comes to choosing the best algae eaters for your fish tank there are a few to choose from. If size is not an issue, then Pleco are an excellent breed of tank cleaner fish as they love eating fish tank algae and some breeds such as Bristlenose Pleco do not grow too large. Dwarf Sucking Catfish are also an extremely popular choice for algae eating fish and are present in a number of home fish tanks because of this.


Use an Anti-Algae Agent or Aquarium Algae Remover

If other methods of fish tank algae removal are not working for you, there are a range of options left to try. Here at CD Aquatics, we stock a wide range of anti-algae agents and algae removers. If algae build up on ornaments is an issue, our simple Plastic Plant Cleaner treatment lets you simply remove plants from your fish tank, add them to a bucket of water, add an anti-algae cleaning tablet and wait as the solution cleans algae from your aquarium plants and ornaments overnight. In order to get rid of green water in your fish tank, try our easy-to-use Algae Gone formula to get rid of algae in your aquarium.


How to Prevent Fish Tank Algae

As we have previously mentioned, cleaning your fish tank regularly is highly important when preventing fish tank algae. However, there are a few other things to consider to protect your fish tank against any new bursts. Ensuring your fish tank filter is working properly is one of the first steps. This can avoid any build up in your fish tank water and get any unpleasant particles out of your fish tank’s system before they build up.

Monitoring how much food your fish actually need can be another step. If uneaten food is allowed to build up within your fish tank, this can cause a buildup of the nutrients that cause fish tank algae and lead to a problem further down the line. Using a UV steriliser is also ideal for keeping your fish tank free of algae and algae blooms. UV Sterilisers cause algae particles to clump together allowing them to be filtered out by your fish tank filter. Finally, using a fish tank timer to control when your lights are on and off can help prevent your fish tank from getting too much light, one of the causes of fish tank algae.


If you are looking for the tools to get rid of fish tank algae in your aquarium, take a look at our range of algae treatments and shop from the further collection for lights, cleaners and more to help prevent the buildup of algae in your fish tank.

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