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Holiday Fish Food for Your Aquarium

Posted by on Oct 22 2020

If you are planning on staying away from home for any amount of time, one thing may concern you, feeding your fish whilst you are on holiday. Whether you are staying with family, holidaying in the UK or planning your escape for next year, our automatic fish feeders and holiday blocks have your aquarium fish covered to make sure they are being fed whilst you are away. Read on for some of our favourite tools for preparing your aquarium for a holiday or stay away from home and feeding your fish whilst on vacation.


When is Holiday Fish Food Best For?

Holiday fish food is perfect for any time. Whether you are staying away from your home for a few days or lead a busy lifestyle and want to make sure your fish get fed no matter what, auto fish feeders and holiday blocks can make sure that your aquarium fish get the right amount of food they need, when they need it. Automatic fish food dispensers are a great tool for your fish tank at any time as they allow you to simply fill the fish feeder once or add a fish feeder block to your tank and the feeding is taken care of for you for the length of the feeder.

Holiday Blocks for Slow Release Fish Food

Having been around for years, one of our most popular ways to provide holiday fish food for your tank is our fish feeder blocks. These are perfect for adding to your tank to make sure fish have the food they need. These can last for up to 14 days as a holiday fish feeder meaning that whether you are caring for relatives, or taking a break with the family once restrictions are lifted, your fish will be supplied with all the food they need through our slow release fish food holiday blocks. These fish feeder blocks are able to feed around 10-15 smaller fish or up to six medium-sized fish for the duration of your trip.


Automatic Fish Feeders

For when slow release fish feeder blocks won’t do or you are looking for a way to feed your fish at set times, our automatic fish feeders are ideal. Auto fish feeders are also a great option for when you want to feed your fish freeze-dried food hassle-free. Simply choose the automatic fish feeder that is right for you, set it up with your usual food and relax knowing that whether you are staying away from home or simply keeping up with daily life, your fish are being fed.


For those looking for a longer-term automatic fish food dispenser, our 

Juwel Automatic Aquarium Fish Food Feeders are ideal. Perfect for flake, pellet & tablet foods, these auto fish feeders last up to 30 days with an adjustable food outlet and battery power to avoid having to find yet another plug next to your fish tank. For flexibility when feeding your fish, our Hagen Nutrafin Nutramatic Fish Feeder can be free-standing, is rim-mountable and can even fit into certain canopies whilst accepting most dried food with an adjustable fish food dispenser. Our Interpet Digital Aquarium Auto Feeder is also the perfect digital option and even features a one-touch feed button perfect for those on the go.


What Else do I Need to Consider?

If you are planning on being away from your fish tank, make sure that you give it a good clean before you go and do a quick maintenance check to ensure all areas of your fish tank are in working order. For control over your fish tank light whilst you are away, take a look at a tool like our Supalite 24 Hour Plug In Timer for complete control over when your fish tank light goes on or off.


To take a look at our full automatic fish feeder and slow-release fish food collection, take a look here. Alternatively, contact the team at CD Aquatics to find out which type of fish feeder is right for you.

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