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Gardening Supplies Ready for the Spring

Posted by on Feb 04 2021

Whilst winter’s chilly temperatures are still in place, February marks an approach to the promise of spring and the thawing months ahead. If you can’t wait to get back into your garden to give it a bit of TLC, our gardening supplies are just the ticket. With everything from garden tools to hanging baskets, you’ll find everything you need for a big spring clear out in your garden.

Top Gardening Supplies for a Spring Refresh

If you are itching to get back into the garden to refresh your little slice of paradise, we have the tools for you. Here are some of the top gardening supplies for giving your garden some TLC this spring.

Garden Tools

When it comes to gardening tools, there are some key items you’ll need to give your garden that new lease of life. Get started cutting back the winter weeds with a set of pruners or secateurs to tame those jungled flower beds. Our garden trowels and hand forks are also useful for replanting and neatening up your garden space. If rocks in your soil are an issue, our mesh garden sieves and garden riddles are perfect for sifting out debris for ease of planting.

Tame Those Weeds

If weeds are the bugbear in your spring garden cleanup, invest in some root-killing weed killer to keep your garden plants healthy and avoid constantly having to pull up weeds later on down the line. If you have areas of bark mulch or empty under-deck areas in your garden, weed control fabric is a brilliant addition to stop weeds from growing up through the soil and ruining your garden’s appearance as the weather thaws.

Get Serious About Pest Control

For those who are serious about gardening, pests are a never-ending battle. Take the hassle out of pest control by preparing in advance with our range of garden pest control products. With everything from slug killer to ant powder and wasp nest destroyer and heron decoy deterrents for air-bound plant-destroyers, your plants and garden will be thriving in no time with garden pest control that works.

Give Your Garden a Burst of Colour With Hanging Baskets

If you are looking for a simple way to give your garden a new burst of colour this spring, hanging baskets are ideal. No matter what size your garden is, hanging baskets can be added to bring your garden space to life, even if you only own a balcony as your garden. Whether you are looking for a cone hanging basket or a banana leaf round hanging basket, we have a range of shapes and materials to fit your garden perfectly. If you are embarking into the world of hanging baskets for the first time, don’t forget to purchase hanging basket brackets and hanging basket liners if needed to secure your hanging garden properly.

Plant Pots for Every Plant Type

Last but not least, garden plant pots are the essential garden supplies to give your garden a new lease of life this spring. From garden troughs to square planters, we have a range of garden planters and plant pots to house all of your plants. We even supply plastic plant pot saucers to enable proper drainage for your plants.

Looking for More Gardening Supplies?

Our range of gardening supplies contains everything you need to create your perfect garden. From hanging baskets to garden hose, you’ll find everything you need in our garden supply section, take a look now.


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