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Freshwater fish Posts

5 Ways to Keep Freshwater Fish Healthy and Happy

Posted by on Mar 23 2022

When it comes to caring for freshwater fish, preparation and monitoring is key to keeping them alive. Having a well set up freshwater aquarium, good quality food and routines are all factors in keeping your fishy pals in top condition.     5 Steps to Healthy Freshwater Fish

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Posted by on Apr 16 2019

Cleaning your freshwater aquarium might sound like a simple and easy enough task, but there are a number of hints and tips to ensure the process goes swimmingly, especially if you are a first-timer. 

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Top Tips For Maintaining Your Fish Tank

Posted by on Jan 26 2018

Correct aquarium maintenance is essential to successful fish keeping. Don't worry, though, we have everything you need right here to get you feeling confident in your general aquarium maintenance in no time! We have everything you'll need for your aquarium maintenance, from filters and food to heaters and sterilisers and ...

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Maintaining A Cold Water Aquarium

Posted by on Jan 26 2018

"A Coldwater Aquarium needs to be positioned away from direct sunlight, drafts and heaters." This is but one thing that you need to under...

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