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Everything You Need to Care for Your Reptile

Posted by on Aug 31 2020

Your pet reptile is a valuable part of your family. When kitting out their home, there are a number of things to consider to make sure they are comfortable and happy. Part of a turtle tank setup is choosing the right equipment to ensure it is suitable for your reptile. Here at CD Aquatics, we supply everything you need to house your reptile with reptile starter kits including everything you need for your turtle, tortoise or any other type of reptile.

Find Your Reptile a Home

One of the most important things when taking care of your reptile is to make sure it feels at home. The first thing to add to your reptile supplies list is a tank. Your reptile tank should be suitable for housing your reptile comfortably and be an appropriate size for your reptile to move around in. Many people choose to purchase a ready turtle starter kit to ensure they have everything they need when setting up their new turtle tank.


Our Exo Terra Turtle Terrarium setup kit is perfect for new reptile owners. The turtle tank setup kit contains everything new reptile owners need to set up their reptile’s tank for the first time. As a solid, all-glass terrarium, turtles and other aquatic animals will feel right at home with an extra-wide, extended water surface and a lower front panel for perfect viewing of your reptile friend. As well as the tank, you’ll get a floating island, UVB light fixture, turtle filter, turtle heater, turtle pebbles and a thermometer. This tank is also ideal for other reptiles such as leopard geckos and tortoises.


Reptile Lighting

Reptile lighting is key to keeping your reptile happy in their home. Reptiles require just the right amount of light in their home in order to stay happy and healthy and a reptile light helps to contribute towards that. Many reptile light sources also provide heat in order to acclimatise the reptile tank environment for your turtle or other reptile companions and are great 24-hour heat sources. Adding the correct type of reptile lighting to your tank can help to create a natural daylight effect with lights specially made for tropical and sub-tropical reptiles. Whilst the correct lighting can also enable nocturnal viewing of your reptile without disturbing them.

Keep Your Tank Clean

In order for you to care for your reptile properly, you need to make sure it is kept clean. Using dedicated reptile cleaning supplies for your tank can help make sure your reptile’s area is kept clean without harming your pet. A clean tank also makes it much easier to see your reptile in action and prevents it from becoming an unpleasant environment. Your turtle’s tank should be cleaned properly at least every two to three weeks to ensure the water is clean enough for your turtle, not cleaning your turtle’s water frequently enough can build up a high level of ammonia which is harmful to your turtle. 

Keeping Your Reptile Warm - Reptile Heating

Reptiles are used to living in very specific temperature conditions so it is extremely important that you keep their tank at the right temperature to avoid them getting ill. One of the easiest ways to make sure that your reptile’s tank it at the right temperature is to invest in a decent, working thermometer attached to your reptile tank. This will let you know if your tank is too warm or too cold for your reptile.


You will also need to invest in suitable reptile tank heating to regulate the temperature of your reptile tank. These are available in a range of styles and can involve everything from a ceramic heater lamp to a reptile heat rock that serves both a functional role as well as a decorative one. These can also help aid digestion with some reptiles so are a great investment for your reptile tank. For turtles, our Exo Terra turtle heaters are ideal as they help maintain the water temperature of your turtle’s tank with easy mounting.

Feeding Your Reptile

It goes without saying that your reptile will need feeding. When caring for your reptile, be sure to stock up on dedicated reptile food to keep your pet healthy. Here at CD Aquatics, we provide a range of reptile foods to keep your pet healthy, we also sell a range of specially-designed reptile feeding bowls to ensure your reptile stays healthy whilst adding to the decor of your reptile tank. As part of our reptile care supplies, we also stock turtle calcium blocks, multivitamins, water fresheners and other reptile supplies to keep your reptile healthy.


Are you looking for reptile supplies to care for your pet? Take a look at our reptile supplies here. Alternatively, get in touch with our team now to find out more.

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