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Caring for a Turtle - What you Need to Know

Posted by on Mar 04 2021

If you are considering adding a turtle to your family, the good news is that they are a fantastic pet for all abilities with the right care taken. Turtles are fascinating creatures and can last for decades with the right care supplying countless hours of enjoyment. Our guide can help you care for your turtle properly and ensure it has everything it needs to thrive.


What Do I Need to Know About Caring for a Turtle?

Whilst no specific specialist skills are needed to care for a turtle, it is important to note that turtles require specific care in order to remain healthy and this should not be taken lightly. Turtles will need the right environment to be happy including the right light, temperature and water filtration system.

What Food Does a Turtle Eat?

When it comes to deciding what food you should feed your turtle, there are a few options to choose from. Most turtles are omnivores so eat a mixture of meat and vegetables however it is worth checking if your turtle is a breed to turtle that only eats vegetables. Chopped dark leafy greens are ideal, there are also some types of aquatic vegetation that are edible for turtles. The simplest and arguably best option for feeding your turtle however is to purchase a food specially created for your turtle. Shop-bought turtle food is specially designed to include all of the key nutrients your turtle needs to live a long, happy and healthy life and is a great option for turtle owners.


What Temperature Should a Turtle be Kept at?

When purchasing a pet turtle the best idea is to ask the supplier as many questions as possible about caring for your pet turtle. This should include the correct temperature and tank conditions for your turtle. One of the most popular types of turtle for new turtle owners is the red-eared slider. This type of turtle can be kept in tanks of around 23.8-30°C but it is important to set up your turtle's tank heater and thermometer in advance to ensure it is the correct temperature before introducing your new turtle friend.


What Size Tank do I Need for a Pet Turtle?

When buying a tank for your pet turtle it is important to ensure it has enough space for your turtle to swim in the water as well as a place where they can get out of the water and ‘sunbathe’ under the heat of a UV lamp. Small turtles can manage in tank sizes of around 30-50 gallons (113-189 liters) however larger turtles will need more space to move around so you should plan for around 1-2 years of turtle growth when choosing your turtle tank size.


Turtle Supplies for Every Home

Our wide range of turtle and reptile supplies will ensure you have everything you need to create a happy and healthy home for your new turtle. From turtle tanks to turtle feeders and food to heating and lighting, we have the specialist knowledge and equipment to ensure your turtle has everything they need and can advise on how to set up your turtle tank. Take a look at our full turtle supplies collection here or get in touch to find out more about what we can offer.

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