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All You Need to Know about Choosing Water Plants for Ponds

Posted by on Nov 30 2018

Choosing pond plants, how hard can it be! …Right? It turns out there is more to know about pond plants than you would expect if you want to choose aquatic plants that flourish in your pond, as well as complimenting and encouraging a healthy pond eco-system...

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Posted by on Nov 28 2018

The time is almost nigh, malls and high streets are illuminated with Christmas lights, enthusiastic shoppers are out in full force and children’s Christmas wish lists are getting longer and longer. More importantly to for pond owners note, you have probably had to spend one or two mornings scr...

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Maintain your Fish Pond Without Draining

Posted by on Oct 29 2018

A pond is such a statement feature in a garden that you will want to do everything in your power to maintain its glory and keep it looking gleaming.

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Posted by on Sep 21 2018

If you are setting up a home aquarium for the first time or if you are unfamiliar with the choice of technicolour, exotic freshwater fish; your go-to selection for your new freshwater aquarium might include common fish such as Goldfish, Platies, or Black Skirt Tetras. The fish that you select for your home aquarium pla...

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Your Useful Guide to Buying a Fish Tank

Posted by on Aug 30 2018

Choosing a fish tank is a more complex task than many people are aware of. Winning a goldfish at a summer fate and coming home to place the goldfish in a glass bowl is a common habit amongst many, but unfortunately, this small enclosed space doesn’t cut it. If you are serious about the matter and really want to s...

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Maintaining Your Garden Pond in the Summer Heat

Posted by on Jul 03 2018

So, summer heat. It has been the chosen topic of conversation for a few weeks now because ENGLAND IS HOT! For more than just a day, too, what did we do to deserve this? But as much as we may (or may not) be enjoying this glorious summer sunshine, it is not to say our fish feel the same, especially with the very high te...

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Why add good bacteria to your aquarium or pond filter?

Posted by on Jun 12 2018

When starting or maintaining a garden pond or fish aquarium, many people are under the impression that the cleaner the water is, the better. However, this is not the case! Though some pond or aquarium bacteria can be harmful (or even deadly), there is such thing as good, helpful bacteria for your fish. We have gathered together a...

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Best Supplies for Inviting Spring Wildlife into your Garden

Posted by on Apr 27 2018

Now that spring has finally sprung, it’s time for us to get back into our gardens! Rather than just enjoying the garden alone though, why not make the most of your little slice of nature by inviting all walks of nature in to enjoy it with you.  Here at CD Aquatics, we don’t just supply aquarium equipment, we also...

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What is Blanket Weed: Your Questions Answered

Posted by on Apr 17 2018

What is blanket weed and why does it grow? Also known as pondweed or ‘water silk’, Blanket weed is filamentous type of pond algae that forms a hairy green blanket across your garden pond, turning the water green along with it. Ponds that are situated in an area that get a lot of sun are likely ...

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