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Aquarium Water Treatments to Keep Your Fish Healthy

Posted by on May 06 2022

Setting up your fish tank and keeping it healthy often takes more than just filling a tank with water and hoping for the best. Your fish...

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Reptile Supplies for Turtles and More

Posted by on Apr 13 2022

At CD Aquatics we don’t just supply high-...

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5 Ways to Keep Freshwater Fish Healthy and Happy

Posted by on Mar 23 2022

When it comes to caring for freshwater fish, preparation and monitoring is key to keeping them alive. Having a well set up freshwater aquarium, good quality food and routines are all factors in keeping your fishy pals in top condition.     5 Steps to Healthy Freshwater Fish

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Tropical Aquarium Supplies for Every Tank

Posted by on Jan 17 2022

CD Aquatics have been specialists in aquarium supplies for years, providing the very best quality fish tank products and advice for new ...

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Feeding your Fish the Correct Food

Posted by on Nov 15 2021

Food is one of the most important parts of caring for your fish and is integral to keeping your fish healthy. However, there is no one size fits all rule when it comes to feeding your fish, especially in a...

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Introducing New Fish to an Established Tank

Posted by on Oct 11 2021

Adding fish to a new tank is always an anxious time. Slight differences in water temperature and makeup can make all the difference when adding new fish to an existing tank setup. If you are adding new fis...

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Your Fish Tank Starter Kit

Posted by on Sep 10 2021

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What Are Marine Protein Skimmers?

Posted by on Aug 17 2021

If you own a saltwater aquarium, the chances ar...

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What Are the Most Popular Tropical Fish Species?

Posted by on Jul 14 2021

When it comes to owning tropical fish, there are some fish breeds that are popular among first time fish keepers and fish-keeping pros a...

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