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Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Posted by on Dec 30 2022

With modern hydroponics being introduced in the late 1930s and even some references to its use dating back to the hanging gardens of Babylon, hydroponic gardening is not a new concept. Nowadays, it is a sustainable option for commercial farming as well as home growers and it’s never been easier to begin hydroponics at home. 


What is Hydroponic Gardening?

Hydroponic gardening refers to a process that allows plants to grow in nutrient-rich water instead of soil. Hydroponics can help you create the perfect indoor plant-growing system that will allow you to develop small crops of certain types of fruits, vegetables and plants The types of nutrients used in a hydroponic system largely depend on the type of crop to be grown but some of the commonly used nutrients include calcium, potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus to name a few. Many horticultural hobbyists get into DIY hydroponics and create their own effective hydroponic setups. 


There are a few different types of hydroponic systems to choose from but the basic requirements of hydroponic growing are:

  • A plastic container with drainage (or PVC pipes which are great for setting up a vertical hydroponic garden)

  • Suitable substrates for the hydroponic plants

  • Good aeration in the form of an aquarium pump or an airstone.

  • High-quality nutrients 

  • Good light source 


What Are The Benefits of Hydroponics 

When it comes to hydroponic systems, there are many advantages for keen home gardeners. On a larger scale, hydroponic growing is a part of controlled environment agriculture which focuses on sustainability. This style of farming can resolve issues related to land use and water consumption and can greatly increase crop yields. Utilising hydroponics for home growers has several benefits that can make growing indoor crops quicker and easier.


Indoor Hydroponic Gardens Need No Soil

You no longer need to own a garden or even a precious allotment plot to grow your crops. Soil quality can vary greatly from one garden to another but with a hydroponic setup, you don’t need to worry about how suitable your soil is for sustaining growth. This means that you can grow any kind of fruit or vegetable, even in urban areas, as long as you have the right nutrient-rich water. 


Hydroponic Gardening Can Maximise Space

Hydroponic setups take up much less space than traditional gardening methods. Standard UK allotment plots can be around 302.5 square yards but when using hydroponic gardening methods, much less space is required. An indoor hydroponic garden can grow multiple plants at a time in a single vessel and the entire setup is often self-contained. When plants are growing in soil, the roots spread out in search of nutrients but with hydroponic growing, plant roots take up less space as they are surrounded by water rich in all the nutrients they need. Hydroponic setups provide the opportunity for vertical arrangements which can further maximise your space allowing you to grow more in a small space.


Hydroponic Plants And Vegetables Grow Faster

The combination of a controlled environment and readily available nutrients make hydroponic crops grow faster when compared to crops grown in soil. It usually takes several months for most fruits and vegetables to grow to maturity when they grow in traditional gardens. Absorbing nutrients from the soil can be a slow process but when the nutrients are in the water, they are much easier for the plant's roots to absorb. With an indoor hydroponic garden, you get to control the environment and make sure your plants have all the light, nutrients and everything else they need to thrive rapidly.


Hydroponic Gardening Uses Less Water

Hydroponic growing processes use water effectively which is a part of the sustainable appeal of hydroponic gardening. Unlike traditional gardening where water can be wasted, hydroponic systems let plants take in all the water they need then the remaining water is returned to the system rather than evaporating which reduces the amount of wasted water. 


Hydroponic Crops Can Grow All Year Round

Unexpected frosts and washed-out summers are no longer a problem when you set up a hydroponic garden. Seasonal fruits like strawberries can be easily grown in the coldest winter months because you can control the atmosphere for your plants with an indoor plant-growing system. With hydroponics, you don’t have hope for ideal weather conditions, you can create them for yourself in your hydroponic greenhouse and enjoy your favourite crops all year long.


Hydroponic Gardening Is Low Maintenance

Gardening is made so much easier when you don’t have to consider the quality of your soil. So with just water quality and light sources to maintain, hydroponic gardening is a viable option if you’re looking for a low-maintenance gardening experience. When you set up an indoor hydroponic garden, your plants aren’t exposed to weeds and pests so there is no need for weeding or applying insecticide. 


Hydroponic Greenhouses Create Microclimates

It’s easy to create the perfect atmospheric conditions for your plants, fruits or vegetables when you create a hydroponic greenhouse. Your hydroponic system can maintain the ideal climate for your plants and reduce the need for environmentally damaging pesticides. With the right hydroponic lighting, you don’t have to worry about adequate sunshine as you can also control this element to ensure your hydroponic plants thrive.


Hydroponic Growing Can Produce Better Quality Food

If you’re interested in producing high-quality organic fruit and vegetables, hydroponics could be the solution you’re looking for. Unlike store-bought produce that is often picked early and ripened in a warehouse or further along the supply chain, hydroponic crops can ripen naturally in a hydroponic greenhouse without the threat of insects or poor weather conditions. These ideal conditions give hydroponic plants all the time they need to have a high nutrient content resulting in better quality food.


Hydroponic Crops Have Greater Yields

Being able to create the ideal growing conditions with the perfect amount of light, nutrients and hydration means your hydroponic crop has the best opportunity to produce a higher yield. One of the popular benefits of hydroponics is that growers can expect a larger, better-quality crop in half of the time.


Hydroponic Gardening With CD Aquatics

With all of these amazing benefits of hydroponic gardening, it’s not surprising that this form of horticulture is growing in popularity. Living in a cold climate no longer needs to limit your gardening capabilities. With hydroponics, you can enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labour, whatever the season.

If you’d like to set up your DIY hydroponic system, CD Aquatics have hydroponic accessories like PVC pipes and fittings as well as aquarium pumps which are ideal for hydroponics at home. Our pipes and fittings come in a variety of sizes so if you’re unsure of what you’ll need, contact our helpful staff for more information on 01922 416284 or make an online enquiry.

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