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Heres Why Having a Garden Pond is Always a Fintastic Idea...

Posted by on Mar 13 2018

Ponds are an endearing characteristic in any landscape.

The water-holes provide a safe haven for wildlife, are charmingly ladened with psychedelic pond plants, reeds or bordering flowers and create a soothing aura for all to enjoy.

Building a pond might initially seem to be a lot of effort, but it is worth every inch. The benefits of a pond are never ending, so we decided to quickly highlight why we know that having a garden pond will be the greatest thing you will do to your home!

Backyard ponds are actually very educational…

Ponds are a great way of educating children on the best ways to behave sensibly and safely around a body of water regardless of depth and location. Yes, the small pond is situated in the back garden but safety is still crucial.

A garden pond is also a magnificent place for children AND adults to discover and learn about pond and water fauna. You can observe and study water creatures, animals and insects in their natural habitat and with every season brings with it different wildlife and creatures.

Even the plants and greenery that find life in and around the pond are ever developing, flourishing and changing along with the seasons, your education and learning around a home pond will never stagnate and will never stop.

Ponds are extremely beneficial for wildlife and the environment

A garden pond is a real crowd-pleaser for nature.

Frogs and toads, turtle and tadpoles, ducks and herons, dragonflies, newts and shrews alike will flock to your garden to enjoy the new manmade habitat. Even a small garden pond moulds a luxurious haven for wildlife, providing them with a watering hole, homes, shelter, breeding grounds and most importantly - food!


Aside from an influx of creatures and animals to your garden being nice to observe, they are great for keeping pests away, such as slugs, snails, aphids, ants and mosquitos – saving your home and bettering the ecosystem at the same time!

The Greater Environment…

While helping your local wildlife to prosper, you can take pleasure in knowing your home pond is helping the ecosystem, the environment and doing your bit to aid water conservation. Gallons of water are wasted watering plants and lawns alone. Building a pond in your garden means you will have your own little water hole that you can use to water your plants and after the initial filling, ponds will refill themselves with rainwater.

Building a pond is also building your own relaxing oasis!

Having a pond in your garden means at the climax of a long and busy day, you can unwind in your own personal sanctuary with a book, glass of wine or simply your thoughts.

It is a common fact that water can aid stress relief and the sounds of water splashes from wildlife or from pond waterfalls create a peaceful and calming ambience. When you are trying to enjoy your garden in the warmer months, water features also double up as a wonderful distraction from cars and noisy passers-by.

Of course, they are a visually beautiful focal point…

Backyard ponds certainly pack a punch and never fail to bring the WOW factor to any garden!

Whether you opt for a small garden pond or a grander affair, your pond will instantly become the focal point of your garden, with rippling water, technicolour pond plants and blossoming water lilies providing a visual treat for visitors and wildlife alike.

Watching the admiration on guests faces when they see your pond for the first time will never become boring and you will feel proud time and time again.

A small garden pond will add value to your property!

Due to the great aesthetic appeal of a home pond and the hard work that building a pond necessitates, they can add significant value to your property, should you be selling your house.

A pond has the power to make one home stand out significantly from another, making your home memorable in the minds of potential buyers and giving you the leeway to up your asking price.

Most people love to spend time outdoors when the UK gets those two weeks of summer sun, so the appeal and visuals of a back garden can be a huge selling point and definitely a significant contributor to whether a house sells or not – ponds just add that extra bit of unique charm and awe!

If you are building a garden pond from scratch or maintaining a feature that already exists in your garden, CD aquatics have the knowledge to offer guidance and the products to help you achieve pond perfection! If you require any help in finding the best supplies for your pond or have any queries, please contact us on 01922 416 284 and we will be happy to assist. 

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