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Aquarium Water Treatments to Keep Your Fish Healthy

Posted by on May 06 2022

Setting up your fish tank and keeping it healthy often takes more than just filling a tank with water and hoping for the best. Your fish need specific conditions in order to stay happy and healthy and things such as the nitrogen level or chlorine level of your fish tank can make all the difference. We’re here to answer everything you need to know about dish tank water treatments and additives and how they can help keep your aquarium healthy.


What Types of Aquarium Water Treatments are There?

When it comes to fish tank additives and treatments, there are a wide range of additives to help with everything from aquarium fungus treatments to swimbladder treatments, fin rot treatments and everything in between. These treatments can be added to the tank to prevent and cure all sorts of fish ailments and maintain a healthy tank.


What to Add When Setting up Your Fish Tank for the First Time

Whilst we have already put together a handy guide to setting up your fish tank for the first time, one thing that can be confusing is knowing what aquarium additives to add to your fish tank when and how to keep your fish tank water healthy. As part of our range of fish tank treatments and additives, we have put together a fish tank starter kit including everything you usually need to get your new fish tank started. One of the key things to know when preparing your fish tank water for the first time is that testing is key. When setting up your fish tank, make sure you have tested the PH level of your fish tank and added any de-chlorinator and water conditioner as needed to create the right environment for your new fish.


How Do I Know I Need to Treat My Fish Tank?

There are all sorts of reasons you may need to apply a fish tank treatment to your aquarium. Some of these reasons may be related to the fish tank itself, in terms of the water condition or environment for your fish. You may also need to add aquarium treatments to your tank to treat a condition with your fish. If your fish are suffering from swimbladder, for example, where the buoyancy of fish is affected, a swimbladder treatment may be required for your tank. Similarly, an aquarium fungus treatment may be required if your tank is in need of some fish tank algae control. If you are suffering from cloudy water in your fish tank and have already eliminated some of the common tank issues that could be causing this, a Nitrate treatment could help.


It is important to test your fish tank regularly to ensure the conditions as still ideal for your fish. This should help to flag up any issues with your tank and allow you to choose the right course of action accordingly. You may also spot problems with your fish visually if they are not behaving as they would usually. Your aquarium specialist will be able to advise on the right course of treatment if you are in doubt.


How Can Aquarium Additives Keep My Tank Healthy?

Aquarium additives and treatments are the perfect way to keep your fish tank and fish happy and healthy. Aquarium additives can help regulate the levels in your fish tank and avoid dangerous conditions that could be affecting the health of your fish as well as affecting the appearance of your fish tank. There are lots of water treatments for fish tanks that can treat a range of fish conditions from anti-white spot fish treatments to swimbladder treatments, fish de-worming treatments and more. Plant cleaner can help prevent the build-up of matter on your aquarium plants whilst algae treatments can help keep your fish tank clean.


Fish Tank Water Treatments and Additives from the Experts in Aquatics

At CD Aquatics we know exactly what is needed to keep your fish tank healthy. We stock the best water treatments for fish tanks as well as a wide range of aquarium additives and fish treatments alongside the testing tools you need to spot problems in your fish tank. Whether you are looking for aquarium algae control or a way to regulate the levels of nitrate in your fish tank water, we have the tools and the expertise to help.


Take a look at our range of fish tank additives and treatments now to find out more or contact our team to answer any questions you may have.

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