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Aquarium Supplies to Refresh your Tank this Spring

Posted by on Apr 16 2021

If you are looking for a way to update your fish tank this spring, our aquarium supplies are ready and waiting to lend you a hand. Whether you are setting up a new fish tank, updating your fish tank decorations or going for a whole new look with new pumps and aquarium supplies to care for your tank and fish life, we have the tools to help.


Fish Tank Decorations to Brighten up Spring 2021

With many of us following the stay at home rules, many people have turned to sprucing up their homes as they are staying inside for a lot more time than in previous years. The coming spring months are the perfect time to update your home and your fish tank should be no exception. Whether you are looking for quirky aquarium ornaments or aquarium plant tank decorations, you’ll find everything you need online and ready to decorate your fish tank.

Bring Spring to your Aquarium with Fish Tank Plants

Add that fresh spring feeling to your fish tank this year with a brand new fish tank plant feature that brings your aquarium to life. Think bright colours and textures that will make your tank pop like our 3 colour biorb balls or red ridge coral fish tank plant. For a more natural look, pick out some left green tank plants to give your aquarium a lush makeover. If you are looking to have some fun with your fish tank ornaments, we also supply a range of aquarium decorations with everything from pirate themed skull fish tank ornaments to shipwreck tank ornaments to give your fish tank a fun makeover.


Give your Fish Tank a Good Clean

One thing that is guaranteed to give your fish tank a new lease of life this spring is to give your aquarium a good clean. Bacteria can build up in fish tanks causing fish tank decorations to grow furry with green after time. Follow our guide to cleaning your fish tank for best practices and equip yourself with all of the fish tank cleaning supplies you need from our handy aquarium cleaning supplies section. You’ll find everything from fish tank gravel cleaners to algae magnet cleaners and even a specialist fish tank glass cleaning kit to give your fish tank a full refresh for the spring.


Use the Right Fish Food for your Aquarium

If you have noticed your aquarium has a build-up of unwanted food or your fish don’t seem to be thriving the way they should be, it may be something to do with what and how you are feeding them. To get started upgrading your fish feeding habits this spring take a look at our guide on how often should you feed fish. When choosing what to feed your fish, our recommendation is to buy a pre-made fish food that exactly meets the nutritional and wellbeing needs of your fish. Our fish food is the perfect solution to keeping your fish healthy with a range of fish food types from pellets to fish food flakes. Feeding your fish the right thing and the right amount can help keep your fish tank free from bacterial build-up and your fish happy and healthy for longer.


Where Can I Find Aquarium Supplies?

If you are ready to refresh your fish tank this spring, take a look at our huge selection of aquarium supplies here at CD Aquatics. From plants to food to fantastic fish tank ornaments, we have it all. Alternatively, get in touch to find out more about our aquatics supplies.


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