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Aquarium Supplies Guide

Aquarium Filters

Undergravel Aquarium Filters

As the name suggests, the undergravel aquarium filters go underneath the gravel and are powered by an Air Pump or a Power Head which draws the water down through the gravel and out through an uplift that is fitted to the undergravel base plate filter.

Internal Aquarium Filters

These are fitted inside the aquarium on the side of the tank; two good examples of these filters are the Fluval U Range Internal Aquarium Filters and the Aqua One Internal Aquarium Filters.

External Aquarium Filters

These are good as you can have several types of Aquarium Filter Media in them and give a good return flow of water because of the pump. These are fitted externally under the aquarium; two good types are the Fluval External Aquarium Filters range and the Aqua One External Aquarium Filters ranges.

Power Heads

Power Heads are used for a bigger movement of water or to operate an under-gravel filter. When used on their own Power Heads can create good movement of water ideal for the marine tank. Two good types are the Aqua One Power Heads and the Hydor Power Heads ranges.

Aquarium Skimmers

Fitted only to marine tanks, skimmers will take out any proteins and waste produced by the fish, which is collected into a cup which can be easily disposed of. There are several on the market; we recommend the V2 External Protein Skimmers and the Red Sea Prizm External Deluxe Skimmers

UV Sterilisers

UV Sterilisers like the Vectron UV Steriliser range will help to cut down on the green water, they will also help to sterilise the water and kill parasites. They all have a maximum flow rate, so check your pump for this, and don’t make the mistake of buying the wrong size Uv steriliser for the flow of the pump you are using.

Automatic Fish Feeder

Like the Hagen Pro Feed Plus Automatic Fish Feeder and the Nutramatic 2x Automatic Fish Feeder are ideal if you are going on holiday if you don’t want to put the responsibility on your neighbour to feed your fish in case they over feed them as they are often fascinated to watch them feed. Most automatic fish feeders work off a battery.

Aquarium Wavemaker

The wavemaker is a device that recreates the movement of the sea in your tank. They work by fitting several power heads to it which are switched on at different times for several seconds. A good one is the Ocean Pulse Duo Wavemaker

Aquarium Heaters

Aquarium Heaters are used for tropical and marine aquariums and there are six different sizes of heaters too choose from. Each of the sizes are for different size of aquariums so make sure you choose the right aquarium heater.

  • 25 watt =18”/ 7gallon tank
  • 50 watt=18”/ 10gallon
  • 100 watt=24” / 20gallon
  • 150 watt30” / 30 gallon
  • 200 watt 36” / 40gallon
  • 300 watt 48” / 60gallon

Aquarium Air Pumps

Exemplified by products such as the Tetra Tetratec Aquarium Air Pump and the Airvolution Aquarium Air Pump, air pumps are used to increase the amount of air and oxygen content in the aquarium which is good for the water quality and for the health of your fish. They can also be used to operate ornaments, air stones, air curtains and undergravel filters. They can sometimes be used for some types of skimmers in marine aquariums.

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