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Aquarium Supplies

Aquarium Supplies

Home aquariums and fish tanks bring an element of fun, colour and education to a home, and at CD Aquatics, we have the best aquarium supplies to propel your aquarium tank from average, to amazing!

The right aquarium accessories will ensure that your fish tank is a healthy and sanitary environment for your fish and allow them to thrive in a homely habitat. Our aquarium equipment can improve the aesthetics of your tank, by adding flair and colour. While making sure your aquarium tank looks modern and sophisticated, you can emulate a natural environment as best as possible.

Our online based aquarium shop stocks the essential aquarium supplies you’ll need for a complete fish tank, such as aquarium filters, aquarium lights, aquarium heaters, fish tank cleaners and fish food. We can’t forget to mention the fun fish tank accessories that add joy to your home aquarium, including aquatic plants, aquarium sand, aquarium decorations and much more.

From fish tank supplies and marine accessories to turtle aquarium equipment, our aquarium online store stocks fish tank equipment for all types of home aquariums, from leading brands in the industry such as Fluval, API King British and Marina.

Aquarium Fish Tanks

The first piece of aquarium equipment needed for your fish journey is a fish tank and its stand. You must source an appropriately sized fish tank before buying your fish.


Aquarium Decorations

Aside from making your aquarium an eye-catching home feature, fish tank decorations help to emulate a natural habitat for your fish, making them feel right at home.


Fish Food

The fish food that you choose is important for the species of fish in your aquarium and their growth. We stock fish food in pellets, sticks, flakes, pastes and live food.


Aquarium Filters

Fish tank filters are one of the most important pieces of equipment for your aquarium. Aquarium filters regulate a healthy water level, creating the ideal habitat for your fish.


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