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Aquarium Air Pumps And Accessories

Aquarium Air Pumps And Accessories

An aquarium is home to some exotic beauties that need love and attention. Some fish may need special conditions, and one of the key things in achieving that is aquarium air pumps.

Adequate aeration can help promote gas exchange and reduce a build up of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, which in turn can help to maintain a stable pH. This is why fish tank air pumps are so essential to the health of your fish.

When the air bubbles rise to the surface and burst, it creates surface agitation. This increases the rate of gas exchange between the water and the air, so more carbon dioxide gets released into the atmosphere. In turn, more dissolved oxygen is taken in by the water. This process improves circulation and water movement in the aquarium and allows even distribution of the oxygenated water.

Fishtank air pumps can create a great look when used with your chosen air stone, air disk or air curtain. Aquarium air pumps are available in various sizes, and the size required depends on what you need the air pump to run and the size of the aquarium.

Air stones come in a variety of sizes. Long Air Stones look great placed at the back of the aquarium to create a wall of bubbles, and some of the air curtains have LED lights which are a great way of adding a hint of colour to your aquarium. The disks create a column of bubbles.

Fish Tank Air Pumps And Accessories

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