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What to Know When Setting Up a New Fish Tank

Posted by on Mar 23 2020

When buying and setting up a new fish tank, there are a number of things to consider. Whether you are setting up your first fish tank...

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How to Maintain a Tropical Fish Tank

Posted by on Feb 20 2020

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Posted by on Sep 20 2019

To ensure excellent water quality in your aquarium, you must be able to maintain a healthy fish tank pH level. For those wondering wha...

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Posted by on Jan 18 2019

Much like ourselves and many of the world's animals, fish need feeding to remain alive and well. But unlike you and me, aquarium fish don't have the means to find food for themselves; thus the responsibility lies with you, the home aquarium owner.    Fish living in the wild common...

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Your Useful Guide to Buying a Fish Tank

Posted by on Aug 30 2018

Choosing a fish tank is a more complex task than many people are aware of. Winning a goldfish at a summer fate and coming home to place the goldfish in a glass bowl is a common habit amongst many, but unfortunately, this small enclosed space doesn’t cut it. If you are serious about the matter and really want to s...

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Why add good bacteria to your aquarium or pond filter?

Posted by on Jun 12 2018

When starting or maintaining a garden pond or fish aquarium, many people are under the impression that the cleaner the water is, the better. However, this is not the case! Though some pond or aquarium bacteria can be harmful (or even deadly), there is such thing as good, helpful bacteria for your fish. We have gathered together a...

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Aquarium Supplies Guide

Posted by on Jan 26 2018

At CD Aquatics, we like to ensure that all of our customers are happy and well-informed before or after a purchase. For this reason, we have compiled several information guides to help you out. Here we have our aquarium supplies guide, where we have listed for you all of the available aquarium supplies and aquarium equipment that...

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