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Why add good bacteria to your aquarium or pond filter?

Posted by on Jun 12 2018

When starting or maintaining a garden pond or fish aquarium, many people are under the impression that the cleaner the water is, the better. However, this is not the case! Though some pond or aquarium bacteria can be harmful (or even deadly), there is such thing as good, helpful bacteria for your fish. We have gathered together all you need to know about good bacteria for ponds and aquariums, including the best beneficial bacteria for fish tanks, where to find it, and how to add it into your water habitat.  

What is adding good bacteria to a pond or aquarium filter so important?

Adding good pond bacteria (or good aquarium bacteria) ensures optimum levels of good bacteria are thriving in your pond and aquarium filters, although you will get a natural build up eventually, it can take a while. It is beneficial to add good bacteria rather than waiting for it to build up naturally, because these bacteria is essential to breaking down all kinds of waste -including fish faeces, decaying greenery, and excess food. If there are not enough good bacteria present to break down these kinds of waste, they will begin to decay and release ammonia. For your pond fish or aquarium fish, ammonia is very toxic – it can cause swollen eyes, loss of appetite, inflamed gills, damaged fins, and death. That’s why adding good bacteria to your filter is so important – it acts as a natural pond cleaner that could be the key to saving the lives of your fish!

When should pond bacteria or aquarium bacteria be added?

Good bacteria need a boost on any brand-new system, as well as in ponds at the start of a new season after the winter months, and in tanks after regular maintenance. After aquarium or pond maintenance, you haven’t just got rid of all the waste you don’t want – you will also have lost a lot of that essential good stuff when flushing your pond filter and cleaning media. It is also worth giving good bacteria a boost if you have had to run a course of treatment to treat sick fish.

Beneficial bacteria for ponds vs. Good bacteria for fish tanks

Good pond bacteria treatment and fish tank bacteria can come in many forms, including liquids, powders or dissolvable gels. It is important to note though, that some beneficial bacteria designed for use in ponds is not suitable for balancing bacteria in a fish tank or aquarium, and vice versa! Be sure to understand exactly which kind of helpful bacteria you are buying, as you want to make sure it is suitable for your pond or aquarium. Now, let’s look at some available pond bacteria for sale, fish tank bacteria starter kits, and other good bacteria products available…

Best beneficial bacteria for ponds:

  • NT Labs Pond Mature Live Bacteria: This pond treatment is made up of live filter bacteria that can be used when establishing a new filter or adding new fish to a pond. It can also be used as a weekly pond bacteria treatment for maintaining levels in natural, unfiltered ponds.
  • Pond Medic Acriflavine: This is an effective treatment that provides protection against aquatic bacterial infections lie Protozoa, Fungi, and Flagellates. It is suitable for use in ponds only – make sure to calculate your pond volume correctly!

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Best beneficial bacteria for fish tank and aquariums:

  • King British Filter Aid: This beneficial bacteria aquarium treatment helps to remove harmful ammonia and nitrate by neutralising organic waste. This boost of beneficial fish tank bacteria is great for kick starting a new aquarium cycling process as well as when carrying out partial water changes. Suitable for tropical, cold water, and marine aquariums & tanks.
  • NT Labs Filter Starter: This is a great fish tank bacteria starter for new cold water and tropical aquariums. By adding a live culture of friendly bacteria to your tank filter, waste is broken down, avoiding a build up of toxic ammonia.
  • Waterlife Bacterlife: Many beneficial bacteria fish tank treatments only contain one type of “heterotrophic” helpful aquarium bacteria. BacterLife uses both heterotrophic and “autotrophic” bacteria. This means that, unlike other treatments, BacterLife immediately begins to reduce ammonia levels without any initial increases. Suitable for cold water, marine, and tropical aquariums.

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